NCCER Construction Craft Laborer Level 2

NCCER Construction Craft Laborer Level 2


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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Vertical Formwork, Horizontal Framework, Elevated Work, Orientation to the Trade, Introduction to the Trade, Electrical Safety, Introduction to Light Equipment, Oxyfuel Cutting, and Masonry in High-Rise Construction.

Table of Contents

Reinforcing Concrete
(Module 27307-14; from Carpentry Level Three)

Vertical Formwork
(Module ID 27308-14; from Carpentry Level Three)

Horizontal Formwork
(Module ID 27309-14; from Carpentry Level Three)

Orientation to the Trade
(Module ID 21101-04; from Mobile Crane Operations Level One)

Introduction to the Trade
(Module ID 30101-11; from Ironworking Level One)
Electrical Safety
(Module ID 26102-14; from Electrical Level One)

Introduction to Construction Equipment
(Module ID 27406-14; from CarpentryLevel Four)

Rough Terrain Forklifts
(Module ID 22206-13; from Heavy Equipment Operations Level

Oxyfuel Cutting
(Module ID 29102-15; from Welding Level One)

Elevated Masonry
(Module ID 28301-14; from Masonry Level Three

Working from Elevations
(Module ID 75122-13; from Field Safety)

Your Role in the Green Environment (LEED V4)
(Module ID 70101-14)