NCCER Pipeline Electrical & Instrumentation Level 3 Trainee Guide

NCCER Pipeline Electrical & Instrumentation Level 3 Trainee Guide


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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Transformers, Switchgear and MCCS, Low-Voltage and Standby Power, Power Quality, Prime Movers Pipeline Maintenanc, Facility Auxiliary Systems and Scada.

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 185)

64301-02 Transformers (25 Hours)

Describes power systems, explains transformer construction, taps, installation requirements, and connections. Describes power distribution, instruments, control, and isolation transformer types. Explains transformer maintenance and testing.

64302-02 Switchgear and MCCS (25 Hours)

Explains power factor and medium versus low-voltage cable and MCCs. Describes types of switchgear and cables, feeders, bussing, and bracing. Includes testing and maintenance on switchgear and MCCs and associated components.

64303-02 Low-Voltage and Standby Power (25 Hours)

Explains pipeline system standby generators, batteries, chargers, inverters, converters, and rotary and static UPSs.  Also addresses the maintenance and testing of each.

64304-02 Power Quality (25 Hours)

Explains power quality and types of defects, power systems, protection, and conditioning equipment. Discusses types of electrical noise and related problems, and possible solutions. Explains static electricity and its effect, system verification testing, and equipment maintenance.

64305-02 Prime Movers Pipeline Maintenanc(32.5 Hours)

Describes various electric motors and drives and thecomponents. Discusses their maintenance and testExplains engine types, cooling and lubricatiturbine operation, fuel sources, and controls.

64306-02 Facility Auxiliary Systems (22.5 Hours)

Includes information on pipeline facility buildings and related systems. Systems covered include: fire, security, vapor recovery, injection, water treatment, cathodic protection, and blending systems.

64307-02 Scada (30 Hours)

Explains pipeline operations systems, including control, communications, SCADA, and PLCs. Explains redundant systems and control system troubleshooting.  


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