Welding Level 2 Trainee Guide, 5th Edition

Welding Level 2 Trainee Guide, 5th Edition


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This four-level curriculum covers topics such as Oxyfuel Cutting, Welding Symbols, and Stainless Steel Groove Welds. This course correlates to the AWS SENSE (Schools Excelling through national Skills Education) standards and guidelines for Entry Welder. 

The 5th edition of this exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Welding Symbols, Reading Welding Detail Drawings, Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Metals, Preheating and Postheating of Metals, GMAW & FCAW - Equipment and Filler Metals, GMAW & FCAW – Plate, GTAW - Equipment and Filler Metal, and GTAW 

Table of Contents

Welding Symbols 

Reading Welding Detail Drawings 

PhysicalCharacteristicsand Mechanical Properties of Metals 

Preheating and Postheating of Metals 

GMAW  and FCAW - Equipment and Filler


GMAW - Plate 

FCAW - Plate 

GTAW - Equipment and Filler Metals

GTAW Plate 


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